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Staff College English Program

For the second consecutive year, the Higher Institute of English provided an English language program to staff college, ENEM (l’Ecole Nationale d’Etat-Major). The program was attended by 71 officers from 5 nationalities: Mauritania, Yemen, Niger, Senegal, and Saudi Arabia. They were divided into 3 groups: beginner (A1), elementary (A2), and pre-intermediate (B1). The program lasted for a total of 80 …

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Unforgettable Year

As first-year students of the Higher Institute of English, we express our deepest gratitude to the honourable teachers and all Hie staff for guiding, orienting, and assisting us throughout this very challenging yet amazing and unforgettable year.   After more than eight months of hard work pertaining to our studies, this wonderful year has come to an end.  On behalf …

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Internal Quality Assurance Unit

The Internal Quality Assurance Unit (CIAQ/IQAU) of the Higher Institute of English was established on 6 November, 2020 subsequent to the ministerial order No 745 dated 2 October, 2020 creating internal quality assurance units in higher education institutions and setting up their mission and composition. The aims of the Internal Quality Assurance Unit are: –      to contribute to the …

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Secretariat Executif Du G5 Sahel

HIE was approached through official channels in September 2020 by G5 Secretariat with a request for English courses for a number of their personnel. The HQ is housed in Nouakchott. G5 Sahel has been in existence now for some time and is tasked with the mutual defence, security, governance and development among the 5 member countries; Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, …

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BP Apprentices – Job Well Done

A celebration was held at HIE Friday 29th January. In attendance were the BP Technicians along with Fatima Boye from BP Mauritania. The event was to mark the successful completion of a one year course in English language development for the Technicians who are on a 4-year path to job qualification and full competency. After a brief presentation, the Technicians …

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English for Industry

The In-House Courses Department was awarded a contract to devise and run a one-year English programme for 24 technicians. The technicians had been recruited and appointed by BP. HIE has expertise in designing courses for special purpose English having already done so in various sectors including banking, the military, and air traffic control. However, this was to be a full-time …

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English for Staff College

At the end of 2019, HIE was approached by our good neighbour, Staff College, with the request to provide an English course for their as part of their military training programme. More than 50 staff were initially tested and included serving personnel not only from Mauritania but also other countries including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Mali. The programme required 80 …

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Change of command at HIE

A handover ceremony took place at HIE on October 26th to welcome the new Commandant, Colonel Mohamed Lemine Zamel to his new post and to bid farewell and good luck to the outgoing Commandant, Capitaine de Vaisseau, Mohamed Mahmoud El Hadramy. The guest of honour was General De Brigades, Deputy Chief of the Army, Moctar Bolle. He welcomed the new …

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Covid 19

covid 19

When Covid-19 hit Mauritania in late March 2020 and made face-to-face teaching no longer viable, HIE rose to the challenge and instigated a series of initiatives, which enabled it to continue delivering all of its academic programmes. Initially, the Zoom app was used, but emerging technical issues meant that an alternative had to be found. Whatsapp was the app that …

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