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BP Sponsored English Programme – Phase 2

At the end of the scholarship programme that ran through to July 2018, BP announced that they would be willing to fund another 120 hour course for up to 50 deserving government ministry personnel. In conjunction with the MPEM course coordinator, class lists were drawn up including a number of students from Phase 1 and new students from the same government entities. There are also a number of private candidates absorbed into the programme. Classes got underway in November 2018 and Module 1 was completed (minimum 30 hours of English) in January 2019. It is gratifying to note that two of the five BP groups have now progressed up a level in the CEFR scheme and that the top group, G5, have now moved up from Upper Intermediate to Advanced level. The other three groups are also on the verge of moving up to the next level – real progress!