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BP Technicians Programme

HIE In-Service participated in an event organised by BP and held at the Tfeila Hotel, Wednesday 15th January. Twenty-five trainee technicians had been selected after a very competitive recruitment drive and were onboarding with BP; an induction that included 2 days with senior BP staff out from UK. Their training programme could be up to 4 years during which time …

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First HIE Graduation

Friday 27 December 2019 marked the graduation of the first cohort with a Degree (License) in International Communication Studies. The ceremony was presided over by senior management and distinguished guests including the Deputy General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in tandem with the Deputy General of the Ministry of National Defence. The ceremony was initiated with …

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The Higher Institute of English, Nouakchott is a tertiary institution, still in a growth phase. It has high standards of teaching. The institute will take staff who can contribute to its degree programme, in-service courses and potential research opportunities. Take a look at our courses on the web site and see if you consider yourself fit for purpose. Typically HIE …

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From October, 2016 to until now the campus has a capacity of 120 students. Classrooms all have whiteboards, projectors and Wi-fi. Classrooms are built to accommodate our typical class size of no more than 14 students. Degree students have access to their own laptops. Additionally HIE has an ICT Laboratory. HIE Library has an extensive collection of extensive readers, unadapted …

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International Women’s Day

As part of the celebration of the International Women’s Day on 8 March, the Higher Institute of English hosted a luncheon in honor of the Institute’s female employees and students, as recognition by the administration of the importance of the role played by women and of their considerable efforts in the construction of society

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Admission to the degree programme All candidates must: Have taken and passed baccalaureate type A (languages) Achieved at least a score of 10 in English Selected the Higher Institute of English high on their choice form in the summer following the bacc. result. Selecting HIE as number 1 greatly increases your chances of coming here. Be under 23 years old …

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