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Covid 19

When Covid-19 hit Mauritania in late March 2020 and made face-to-face teaching no longer viable, HIE rose to the challenge and instigated a series of initiatives, which enabled it to continue delivering all of its academic programmes. Initially, the Zoom app was used, but emerging technical issues meant that an alternative had to be found. Whatsapp was the app that proved most suitable for HIE’s needs and the challenges of teaching and learning remotely, in terms of its desktop functionality, accessibility and ease of use.

HIE was also able to conduct all its exams scheduled for June and July and successfully accommodate returning students in late September by implementing a series of Covid-19 mitigation measures and protocols. These include social distancing, mask wearing, hand sanitization, signage, traffic flow and ventilation of teaching areas.

While the danger of Covid-19 is ever present, HIE has managed to successfully contain the threat by adopting an attitude of constant vigilance and adherence to its mitigation measures and protocols.