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Degree Program

The Higher Institute of English (Institut Superieur d’Anglais, ISA) was established by decree 2-16-30 dated
18th February 2016.
Degree and other courses
HIE offers a degree in International Communication Studies. This degree is delivered in English and will
equip our graduates for international communication across the English speaking world. Eligible students
must have passed their Baccalaureate well. Our students come from all over Mauritania. HIE also offers
part time courses to both public and private sector organisations as well as tutoring senior Mauritanian
The majority of our teachers are British with global experience in
universities, oil and gas, and other public and private sectors.
Local teachers are internationally qualified. We have a dedicated new building with capacity for 120 students. Classrooms all have whiteboards, projectors and Wi-fi. No class is more than 14 students. New building has begun on the same site which will increase capacity to 400 students.



Degree in International Communication Studies

Our philosophy
From the outset, the plan was to produce and run more than an English Language
degree. The degree does teach writing, speaking, listening and reading of English.
However, it also integrates both employability and study skills. This is what employers tell HIE they want.
What are employability skills?
These skills requires students to think, problem-solve and reflect. Examples include creativity, collaboration, digital literacy, personal development, critical thinking and more. All are skills that employers want from their graduates.
Each year of the degree is worth 60 credits on the European Credit Transfer system.
In the first year: you gain a firm foundation in improving your English language as well as obtain an introduction to some employability skills and study skills In the second year: you explore employability skills in more depth with more English learning too. In the third year: you have some optional courses and apply your skills at college and in
the work place.

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