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End of Year One

The Higher Institute of English (HIE) presented transcripts of achievement to all its first year of degree students on June 8th this year.

The Commandant, Mohamed Mahmoud El Hadarmy said “it has been an eventful first year and I am immensely proud of what we have achieved. A year ago, the Institute was just an idea. Now it is a reality with a reputation”.

The Institute opened its doors on October 10th to 60 students in the degree programme in International Communication Studies from all over Mauritania.


HIE gained a high profile quickly, in the autumn semester, students saw visits from the President and, the Ministers of Defence and Higher Education as well as those from speakers ranging from an Irish vet, an English dog trainer to a Canadian aid worker. Some students had interviews on national TV.

In the spring semester, students visited the National Museum as part of a project on Citizenship. The external speakers and external visits were all part of HIE’s goal of integrating understanding business and global cultures into the degree.

Throughout the year, the students worked hard in the Institute’s well-resourced, ultra-modern building. However, there was time for fun too. The Institute participated in its first college football competition.