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In-service Courses

In-service English Courses are offered to those already in employment including government employees, individuals, and the private sector.

Admission to In-Service Courses

Interested parties and potential clients are encouraged to approach the Institute directly through the In-service Department in the first instance, or through the ‘contact us’ dropdown from the HIE Website. The Institute can provide all or some of the following services:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Diagnostic & Placement Testing
  • Project Scope
  • Pricing and Costs
  • Curriculum & Syllabus Design
  • Delivery
  • Evaluation & Reporting
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B3 – The Military

The Etat Major is keen to upskill serving personnel with English. This is in light of Mauritania’s growing involvement with NATO, the UN, and other militaries such as the G5 Sahel.


May 2017

The first group of 20 students finished 200 plus hours of English in May 2017. The course combined General English with Military English and was marked with a passing out ceremony attended by General Henana.

HIE adopts STANAG 6001 as the framework and standard for B3 students. This is the scheme used by NATO

Click her to read a Summary of STANAG 6001 language levels

Ecole Superieur Polytechnique (ESP)

HIE undertook a training needs analysis in the Summer of 2017 after which it was agreed that HIE provide the materials and a teacher to teach the student engineers on site. There are 28 students who are following a tailor-made programme to meet the stipulated objectives on the degree programme. English language provision combines general and technical input.

Banque Centrale de Mauritanie

March 2018 marks one year of providing business and company related language programmes to staff from the Central Bank of Mauritania. Following a training needs analysis undertaken in Q1 2017, evening classes were set up to cater for up to 30 staff who have been progressing at different levels. BCM learners are supplemented with private candidates who include senior government personnel and private citizens.

 Ecole Normale Superieur (ENS)

According to our HIE presidential decree, we are tasked with assisting the secondary sector in the government education system to upgrade the teaching of English in state schools. At present, we are engaging with the Ecole Normale Superieur where 30 plus first year teacher trainees are being given support on a weekly basis in modern teaching techniques.

In Summer 2017, a 3 day event was organized at HIE entitled ‘English in the 21st Century Classroom.’ Sessions included workshops and seminars as well as informal gatherings. Attendees and participants included the staff of HIE, school inspectors, serving teachers and guest speakers. More such similar events are likely to be held.


When BP bought into the offshore gas concession in 2017, the international company also became the operator on the block and is likely to become a significant employer for Mauritanians. In Q2 2017 HIE was approached by senior London-based BP, HR with a view to providing English language training for 50 selected government personnel. Placement tests conducted in October 2017 and language training got underway in December 2017. Under the terms of the contract, each learner will have 120 hours of English and the programme is likely to run till August 2018. The learners are from four government ministries and entities.


Our involvement with C3I Air Traffic Control has been ongoing since before the Institute opened its doors. Air Traffic Controllers all around the world communicate through the medium of English added to which there is specialized language that has to learned called Phraseology – this is the language used between pilots and the control tower. The international standard that all controllers are measured against is ICAO Level 4. HIE staff are seconded to ATC premises to train their personnel to achieve this standard.

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