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Mike O’Shea Irish Adventurer

Mike O’Shea, Irish mountaineer, adventurer and mountain safety consultant came through Nouakchott on Friday 30th March. He was travelling from Dublin to Cape Town overland on a new expedition. HIE was privileged that he and his companion, David Gleason found time to talk to students.

His latest expedition takes him through Congo-Brazzaville which is rarely visited. However, he spoke most about his exploits in the cold rather than the tropics such as the Arctic and Siberia with their challenges.

He answered questions from students and instructors. For example, he explained he came closest  to death on  ice floe in the Arctic Sea drifting away from the pack-ice.

In answering what qualities you need to have to be an adventurer, He said:

You need to be strong, well trained, and patient but above all you need to be a planner. Planning means working smart before you set out.

HIE appreciate Red Chair Recruitment’s help in setting up this event.

You can follow Mike’s progress on his expeditions here