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Part time courses

Professional courses
HIE offers part time courses to both public and private sector organisations as well as tutoring
senior Mauritanian figures. Clients include Air Traffic Control, The Army, The Central Bank of
Mauritania, Gendarmerie and several Ministries. HIE also offers a degree in International
Communication Studies. Our students come from all over Mauritania.

The majority of our teachers are British with experience
across the world in teaching both General English and English for Specific Purposes. Local teachers are internationally qualified. English for the professions


We have a dedicated new building with
capacity for 120 students. Classrooms all
have whiteboards, projectors and Wifi. A
second-phase of building has begun on the
same site which will increase capacity to 400
students. We teach on the client’s premises.

Our vision
The development and delivery of high quality, initial and in-service, English language training
programmes designed to meet the needs of government departments and agencies, local
organisations and commercial and social entities.
Making its contribution to enabling the country to access the world economy and the global
HIE designs courses with either an English for Specific Purposes element or General English or
both. We can prepare for examinations too.
HIE offers part-time courses ranging from short courses to those lasting an academic year. We
can design linked modules making up 200 hours of learning recommended as a minimum to raise
a student’s English by one level on the Common European Framework.
We have teachers capable and experienced with students who are absolute beginners through
to those aiming for proficiency. Teachers have worked in sectors such as air traffic control,
banking and, oil and gas.

Size of classes
We don’t recommend class sizes above 20 students but it is the client’s choice. We tutor some
prominent public figures on a one-to-one basis.
Individual teachers are qualified examiners for Cambridge and the Institute is going through the
process of becoming an examination centre.