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Ade Lindsay

Adé Lindsay is not just a language specialist and polyglot, he’s also a cultural expert with over a decade-long international experience.

After obtaining both the French Baccalauréat and the American High School Diploma, he studied anthropology and sociology at the university of Concordia (Canada).   His focus was mainly on African history and civilization, race and ethnic relations and comparative religion.  He then went on to pursue a MA at Lyon 2 university where he delved into the anthropological studies of NGOs in Burkina-Faso.  During that time, he worked as a translator and interpreter for the UNDP.

He started his English teaching career in 2007 in India.  On his return to France he was recruited by the language department of Lyon 3 University to train executives in the automotive sector.  After obtaining the CELTA, he flew to Saudi Arabia to work at King Saudi University (Riyadh).  During that time, he learned Arabic and studied Islamic sciences.

As an EFL instructor, he has taught general, business, military and technical English, prepared students for the IELTS and instructed other teachers on CELTA techniques and methods.  He also teaches French, intercultural awareness and cross-cultural communication.

At HIE, he has set up the French for the workplace module for the Degree Program and supervises the French instructors.  As part of the institute’s close-knit collaboration with its key partners, he has also done interpreting and cultural mediation.

He is well integrated in Mauritania and is involved with local communities in various educational projects.