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Emma Heath

Emma is a language training professional with over 10 years’ experience in English language training. She initially worked in management in the UK in the hospitality industry and started her career in EFL as a language trainer in Spain delivering in company English training in banks, telecommunications companies and many more, before starting a career with the British Council.

For the British Council she continued to specialise in corporate classes as well as general and exam English for adults whilst in Spain. She went on to become an expert in learning technologies and became the ICT coordinator for British Council South Korea. Emma is also a fully qualified emoderator and has delivered online training to non-native English teachers based in Malaysia and Portugal. She worked as a teacher trainer to primary and secondary school English teachers in Borneo, Malaysia where she was also actively involved in creating online webinars for the Malaysian teachers across the country.

In the Philippines Emma was the Quality Manager on a ground-breaking project between British Council and the Uruguay Department of Education called Ceibal en ingles. This project involved using remote English teachers to deliver classes to primary school students in Uruguay via video conferencing. She was responsible for the continual professional development of the Filipino remote English teachers through ongoing training and developmental observations.