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Jonathan Miller

Jonathan is HIE’s Curriculum development and assessment coordinator. He is a language training professional with over 20 years’ experience in adult training and education. He initially worked in Adult Education in Britain, and started his career in EFL as a language Trainer for the Polish Army, before managing and delivering English language training for the banking, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors in Warsaw.

He has worked as a Trainer in Britain, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Sudan and Iraq. He has delivered Technical English courses on board a 172,000 tonne crane vessel crossing the Atlantic, and has also worked as an examinations and assessment Moderator in Qatar.

In Iraq, he was Coordinator of a project delivering Technical English training to 236 full-time learners and   subsequently managed and delivered Business Skills training for an international oil company.

Jonathan specialises in Military English, Business and Financial English, and Technical English.