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Mouhiyidine Bache

Mouhiyidine is trained in accounting, management, and international development. He holds
a B.COM from the Faculty of Commerce in Egypt at Aïn-shams University (ASU), an MBA
from the Graduate School of International Management at International University of Japan
(IUJ), and a Master of International Development Policy degree from Sanford School of
Public Policy at Duke University, where he had a summer internship at the World Bank.
An MBA with years of experience in the private sector in Mauritania, Mouhiyidine has
worked in industries ranging from the hotel trade to fisheries, and in roles ranging from
audit to management. He’s currently working as an instructor particularly of businessrelated
courses at HIE.
He’s a technology passionate. He likes reading and running and notably learning about
foreign cultures and languages. He is fluent in Arabic, French, and English, for which three
he is a Sworn Translator for Mauritanian courts. translating for instance the annual report
of the financial operations of the state for 2021.