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BP-sponsored English language programme – End of Phase 2

The English training programme for 50 BP sponsored personnel from various government entities ended in August, 2019. By that time, HIE had completed the 120 hours of English agreed in the contract with BP.

The course, which began on October 22nd, 2018 and ended on August 8th had run for 9 and a half months and comprised 4 modules, each lasting 30 hours. On 29th August, an event was held to celebrate the end of the course. The Commandant addressed the students and congratulated them on their commitment and attendance and stressed the necessity of them keeping up their efforts to progress. This was reinforced by Eba Mohamed Abdellahi, Exploration and Production manager for the Ministry of Petroleum. BP has agreed to continue sponsorship of 50 students in Phase 3 of the programme, starting in the 4th quarter of 2019. Many of the students who completed Phase 2 will continue to Phase 3 while new students will be added.

Mauritania and its potential hydrocarbon resources are attracting the interest of major companies within the Energy sector industries. BP is a major player in this group and has a growing interest in Mauritania and has moved from exploration and discovery to project development. It is keen to upskill those government employees who need to interact with international companies. English language development is a key area in this upskilling process.