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BP Technicians Programme

HIE In-Service participated in an event organised by BP and held at the Tfeila Hotel, Wednesday 15th January. Twenty-five trainee technicians had been selected after a very competitive recruitment drive and were onboarding with BP; an induction that included 2 days with senior BP staff out from UK. Their training programme could be up to 4 years during which time they will specialize in the technical or operations disciplines in order to work on the BP facilities offshore in the Tortue Field. The following day, on 16th January, the trainees reported to HIE to start the initial language learning phase of their programme. The In-Service team has tailor-made a detailed and varied curriculum that will impart both general English and the language of the oil & gas industries. Modes of learning will be teacher-led student-centred, as with many of our courses, but at the same time, there is a strong self-access element to the course where learners are encouraged to become more autonomous in their goal-setting, and ways of achieving higher levels of competence. The programme also has rich and diverse modes of learning including plenty of audio-visual material and CALL (computer assisted language learning) facilitated by our experienced staff. The overall aim of the programme is to enable the technicians to cope with the next phase of their training which will be technical instruction through the medium of English as well as supporting the wider goal of preparing them to be effective employees of a leading international energy company. This is HIE’s third programme in service of BP. We are proud to assist BP in developing Mauritanians to become world-class employees.