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HIE Staff Continuous Development

While development opportunities are extended to Mauritanian nationals at HIE, expatriate teachers are also encouraged to continually develop professionally. Achievements in 2022 have included the following. Moustapha & Aminetou CTP Moustapha and Aminetou successfully completed a 2-week CTP (Certified Training Professional) course in Istanbul in May. Post-course, they were tasked with creating individual portfolios, specifically related to the work that …

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Staff Development

Congratulations to Hafed Mouloud who has obtained the examiner-corrector certificate to correct and evaluate exams for the French diplomas, DELF (Diploma of studies in French language) and DALF (Higher Diploma in French language). The exams for these diplomas are written in France, and take place all over the world, where there are centers specialized in the teaching of French as …

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