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Distance Learning

Mohamed Moctar, BP Apprentice Programme, Group 1

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all the institutes switched to ‘e’ learning. At the beginning of the online sessions, because it was my first time doing these kinds of courses, I faced some difficulties like noise in the house, and also the way I saw it at that time …. But for me the main advantage was it was less time-consuming. Since I live in Arafat, normally it takes me 1.5 hours every single day back and forth to HIE. Course materials are accessible 24 hours and that is a good thing. On the other hand, there are the disadvantages. The disadvantages like internet issues. Sometimes, I had a weak connection … and sometimes, no connection at all … a real problem since I could not attend some courses because of that. Human interaction with the teachers is missing, also. Phonology really needed to be face to face with the teacher for physical expression in order to understand better. Of course studying in class and studying online are definitely not going to be the same … but I did it because it was the only way to be safe, and keep my family safe … but I hope it will finish so I can go back to HIE to my lovely teachers and best friends … thank you very much

Ahmed Bedy - BP Apprenticeship Programme, Group 2

In my experience, distance learning has advantages and disadvantes … freedom, flexiblility, saving time, saving money ….first the main disadvantage is travel; for instance, I take around two hours every day with the traffic. Now, with distance learning, I feel that I lead the learning process and that makes me more involved. On the other hand, we face the biggest challenge of concentration; but we can deal with this problem by using certain techniques’

Mohamed Abdalahi Hayen - Year 3, ICS

I think learning remotely is a good thing because with whatsapp if your teacher explains something and you don’t get it the first time, you can listen again. You can also ask the teacher questions if you don’t understand something. With face-to-face teaching, sometimes you get distracted and forget to ask your question.

Mohamed Salek Egrabatt - Year 3, ICS

Well, to me, the main advantage of learning remotely is that it saves me money because I don’t have to travel to and from the Institute every day. I normally have to spend 500 Ouguiya on getting taxis and buses. I don’t have this expense when I learn from home.

Abdellahi Yarba - Year3, ICS

Well, to me, it’s a good thing because learning from home keeps us safe from the Covid-19 pandemic and allows us to carry on doing the same courses from home. However, for some courses like digital literacy, it is a disadvantage because we don’t have face-to-face interaction with the teacher that is so necessary in these types of courses. Overall, I would say that the benefits and advantages of learning remotely outweigh the disadvantages.