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État Major Sponsored Staff Trip

Following on the success of last year’s trip to Banc D’Arguin, the Commandant asked us again back in November 2018 to draw up a list of teachers who would like to go on a sponsored trip to see something of Mauritania. The destination was to be the oasis of Terjit, Atar, and the ancient historical town of Chinguetty. The majority of teachers, Mauritanian and expatriate, wanted to go and a 3 day weekend 18-20 of January was settled on.

We left Nouakchott in 3 vehicles; a bus, pick-up and a landcruiser. The first destination was the lovely oasis of Terjit. On the way, many of us were pleasantly surprised by the changing landscape of the desert. The oasis itself was delightful and we enjoyed a sumptuous lunch in a large tent with the water trickling nearby. After a  night in Atar at a comfortable hotel, we set off for Chinguetty on the Saturday. A precipitous climb up onto the Adrar Plateau brought us into the ancient town. Again, we were put up in a comfortable lodging and then explored the ancient town and mosque. Most impressive were the ancient manuscripts, some 400 and 500 years old, that we were shown in a private library. Later, as the sun went down, a party of us ventured to the nearby dunes for a dramatic sunset.

We would like to sincerely thank the Etat Major for their generosity in providing transport and logistics for this trip. We would also like to thank the Commandant in particular for undertaking a recce before the trip and for accompanying us personally on what was a very enjoyable and fascinating experience.