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Risk Mitigation Measures


Domain Risk Control Measure
Transportation Infection due to close proximity of passengers. Staff – 14 plus driver on the big bus, 9 plus driver on the small bus.

Numbers to be monitored and anticipated before travel.

Catering Communal use of water dispenser

Close proximity food consumption in canteen

Removal of water dispensers. All users to bring own water to HIE.

Social distancing protocols to apply.



Close proximity of students

Materials Handling


Different classes using same classrooms


Multi-use of common equipment

Classroom layout to be rearranged to accommodate distancing. Students to sit at same desk each day.

Students to ensure they bring in all necessary materials each day and do not use/share materials.

Higher levels of cleansing and disinfecting to be carried out on a regular basis.

Students to use hand-sanitizer before entering classrooms.

Computers and photocopiers to be cleaned and wiped with a sanitizer after each use.




Person to person infection airborne


Observation and awareness


Staff and student temperatures to be taken on entry to HIE by trained personnel.

Masks to be issued and worn for all personnel, including visitors.

Covid-related posters and signs to be put up in both buildings and appropriate hygiene-related signs.

Evaluate preventive safety programme such as STOP (Safety Training Observation Programme) for implementation at HIE