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Classroom Etiquette

  1. Students to use hand sanitizer provided before sitting at desks.
  2. All students to wear face masks.
  3. Students to sit at the same desk each day.
  4. Students not to shake hands when greeting each other.
  5. Students to bring in all necessary learning materials, including notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, rubbers and textbooks.
  6. Students should not share their learning materials.
  7. Only the teacher will use A.C. and projector remote controls.
  8. All rooms should be ventilated using fresh air when not in use.
  9. Only the teacher will open or close windows when necessary.
  10. Only the teacher will touch the register.
  11. Teacher to actively monitor adequate social distancing in class.
  12. Students should not use board markers or erasers. They should not write on the whiteboard or help by cleaning it.
  13. Classroom doors to be opened and closed by the teacher only.
  14. Teachers and students to knock and wait if classroom/office door is closed.
  15. Students should put their chair back under the table at the end of the lesson so that other students don’t have to touch it to get out of the room.
  16. Teachers should clean surfaces between lessons, not forgetting the backs of chairs.
  17. Tissues should always be disposed of immediately in the bins.
  18. Used masks should also be immediately disposed of in a bin. Best practice to wash hands before putting on a new mask or after taking off a used mask.