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B3 Graduation Session 3

Monday 5th February marked graduation day for our Session 3 military students. 4 classes of 56 students started the session on 7th May 2018 out of which 37 personnel were awarded certificates with STANAG 6001 scores at this time. (Others were not able to complete the 180 course owing to operational reasons).

The graduates were drawn from several sectors of the disciplined forces including EMGA, EMM, EMAA, and EMGN. The Guest of Honour was Colonel Zein Soueidatt, second-in-command of B3. The students were addressed by our Commandant Capt. Mohamed Mahmoud El Hadramy and then by the Guest of Honour after which certificates were awarded.

Among the awardees were two of our very own staff M/P Sidi Mohamed Mohamed and M/P Alioune Ethmane.

It is hoped that Session 4 will get underway in the very near future, and that HIE will be able to welcome back old students as well as new ones.